Ann Marie employs a simple, yet highly effective, philosophy to her equine health, cleaning and training practices. Horses who feel well, work well, and owners who combine best practice health and hygiene methods with individualized training programs establish the solid bond of trust and teamwork necessary for success.

Following a simple theory—that knowledge led to better care which in turn created better riders—Ann Marie apprenticed with Randy Cutbirth, esteemed trainer and International Equestrian Judge. She also pursued advanced education at Johnson and Wales University, where she placed at the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association National Finals.

Marrying intensive training as a rider with studies on equine health and psychology, Ann Marie gained a deepr understanding of the relationship between top performing horse/rider teams and best standards of care, forming the foundation of her to-rated equine health procedures, particularly in the area of sheath and udder cleaning.

Her approach was solidly developed and refined over the next ten years as she led the elite Hartford Mounted Police division as Head Trainer, Manager of Care and Horse/Rider Relationships. Based on the balance between proper care and individualized training, her methods helped officers build the bonds of absolute trust between horse and rider that are vital to police work.

Ann Marie continues to employ this same philosophy with her clients today, creating well-orchestrated horse and rider teams that are founded on true commitment and a desire for the highest quality results. She leads by example. Whether helping riders establish health routines, applying her proven training practices, or rolling up her sleeves to complete her signature equine cleaning treatments, Ann Marie is working toward establishing a horse and rider bond that leads to success wherever the trail may go.