Client Testimonials

Client satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. Read what some of our happy customers have to say:

"Having someone new come to your barn to provide a service always seems like a risky endeavor - you never know what you might encounter. Will they be professional, will they treat your horse well, will there be unexpected surprises? When I contacted Beneath the Sheaths, I was impressed from the start. Ann Marie returned my message promptly and set up an appointment at a time that was convenient for me. One of my horses can be spooky, Ann Marie didn't rush him and gave him time to get acclimated to her equipment.

Thanks to Ann Marie, sheath cleaning is now a stress free experience for me and my horses. She does a wonderful job at a fair price. There is no question that Ann Marie values her customers - both human and furry!"
-K. Carino
Hebron, CT


"My horse JJ is a 10 year old TB/QH hunter jumper. Overall he is a great boy to handle and has very good ground manners, unless it was to clean his sheath! My vet has cleaned him under sedation for the last 5 years. Then I found Beneath the Sheaths!

I have never been comfortable having to tranquilize my horse and felt strongly I needed to try something different. Ann Marie is a true equine professional. She was very patient with JJ and never rushed him. He was very naughty when she first began; he would dance around, wring his tail, and kick up his hind foot at her. Ann Marie calmly and confidently worked through his issues and quickly gained his trust.

In less than 30 minutes his sheath was clean and each subsequent appointment he got better and better. Today you would never know JJ ever had and issue with sheath cleaning."
-M. Sharp
Farifield, CT