Your Horse’s Comfort
is our Top Priority

Beneath the Sheaths understands the sensitive nature of horse and udder cleaning. We rely on the gentleness of Ivory soap and the comfort of equipment that has been specially designed, based on years of equine training and experience, to ensure a safe and stress-free environment.

We will never sedate your horse, or use force. Instead, we focus on establishing trust and relexation to ensure the best experience possible.

What to Expect at
a Cleaning Appointment

All cleanings begin with several moments of gentle contact designed to acquaint horse and practitioner and establish a relaxed trusting environment. A soothing rub along the horse’s midline provides a stress free introduction to the cleaning process, allowing the practitioner to assess the horse's reaction to contact.

Once we are assured that your horse is comfortable, the cleaning begins with the warm water and Ivory soap. We use only specially designed equipment and warm water, beginning with the outer part of the sheath.

Only when the horse is calm and comfortable is the soap and sponge introduced to the inside of the sheath. Baseline cleanliness and the horse's behavior dictate how quickly the process proceeds to the upper chamber where the horse's penis will be.

While cleaning the upper portion of the sheath, your practitioner will evaluate the horse for a bean. Not every horse will develop a bean, but when removal is necessary, the process will be paced according to your horse’s comfort and tolerance of the procedure.

The final rinse with warm water ensures that soap and any possible irritants are thoroughly washed away. Our specially designed equipment is flexible and non-irritating, allowing us to provide a thorough cleansing without risk of injury to your horse.

The safety of all involved is our a top priority. Beneath The Sheaths requires the owner or another person assigned by the owner to attend the sheath cleaning process. This person will stand at the horse's head. By positioning the horse next to a wall or fence, we can provide a safe environment for all concerned.